(protip) Create a Perfect Pitch Video

This year, we’re requiring contestants to submit pitch videos for expert judging (40% of the score).

The point of the pitch video is to make it easier for judges to understand what’s awesome about your entry. It lets you show off your app in the best possible light. For example, if your app goes down or runs into bugs, judges will still be able to give you a decent score.

Below are some tips for creating a perfect pitch video.

Answer 3 Questions

A great pitch video should answer 3 questions about your entry.

1. Who is it for?

What sort of people will use what you’ve built? Are they hackers or painters, consumers or businesses? Are they busy, lazy, bored?

Describing your intended audience helps the video viewer build empathy for the people who have the problem you’re trying to solve.

2. Why would people use it?

What problem does your audience have? How does your service help them solve the problem in a better way than they do it today.

Starting by describing the problem gets people excited to see your solution.

3. How does it work?

Here’s the fun bit. Show how your product or service solves the problem that you just described.

Remember to show your product in the best possible light, set up your demo so that it avoids bugs and skips any tedious slow bits (e.g. data entry).

How to Do It

While you can use any software and service to create and host your video, Google Hangouts is free and very easy to use.

The video at the top of this post how to use Google Hangouts to create a pitch video (woah, recursion).

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