We’re excited to announce the winners of Node Knockout! Here are the champions among the 167 entries submitted this year.

Overall Team


by SomethingCoded

Disasteroids is a game where you do battle among a series of asteroids, slinging missiles at other players through the gravity field and trying to hit the most exciting shots. Inspired by the classic artillery games of old and our universal fascination with the stars.

Overall Solo


by DoTheJoy

Tweet payments to your friends.


Node.js Christmas Sweater

by Coalition for the Liberation of Itinerant Tree-Dwellers

It’s a hardware/software hack. We created a wireless sweater that takes in messages from the internet and wirelessly displays them on our LoL Shield powered by an arduino built into our own handmade christmas sweater. Watch the video.



by Public Class

A multiplayer game where being in the way of your opponents puts you on top.

Utility / Fun

Narwhal Knights

by 🍉

Narwhal Knights is a game of knights. Riding Narwhals. Narwhals with wings. Impale the other knights while dodging deadly spikes and lava balls of doom.



by comorichweb

Convert your webcam and images to ASCII and share them!


Space bridge

by Design 4 Quality

A devastating earthquake has hit our planet! In these situations, help is needed by most! While the majority is trying to help the people, animals and the plant world, You have got a special mission to find those of whom a very small number of people know exist…Aliens!!


Congratulations to all who participated. There were a ton of great entries this year!

We will be following up over email with winners and sponsors that are providing prizes.

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