This post is sponsored by Concurix, a Node Knockout 2013 service sponsor.

Concurix’s toolset consists of a real time visual profiler that will allow you to take a look at how your application is behaving as well as a debugger. Their snapshot debugger is especially useful. It allows you to debug your program after you’ve run it by taking debuggable snapshots of your code. It’s a nice middle between a core dump and a log file. (More features are on the way too that will help make building applications easier!)

You’re probably ready at this point to get to it.

Check out our documentation section here for the details:

If you’re ready to jump in and see what everything looks like, here’s a couple quick tutorial blog posts for setting up Concurix:

And for managing projects:

Any other questions or comments? Shoot them an email: or tweet them: @concurix

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