The competition has started. We can’t wait to see what our ~400 teams are able to create this weekend.

We also have an amazing group of volunteers that have offered to help teams during the 48 hours of hackathon!

Give a big cheers to them and make sure you send them some <3.

If you feel that you need some support, don’t hesitate to ask, for that you can send an email to, or join us at our IRC Channel on Freenode, the #nodeknockout.

You can count on NKO Volunteers to: help you, answer your questions, give you hints about any problems you might be facing while testing your app, give you a tip on which could be the best approach and more.

Tokbox live chat rooms

Wait, there is more! Thanks to Tokbox, besides our IRC channel (#nodeknockout) and support mailing list (, we have video conferencing chat rooms, so you can discuss face to face with our volunteers your problems, using all the opentok and WebRTC goodness.

You can browse through the currently active video chats anytime at

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