It’s the first ever knockout drinkup!

The beer and snacks is (for a while) on Joyent, which means come early, but not too early because you should also attend the node.js ops meetup beforehand at ngmoco:). We’re timing it so you can go get smarter there then walk over and forget it all right after.

If you don’t have a team, come find one! If you’re looking for more members, come find some! If you want to drink with us, come find us! Share ideas for entries. We might have some pretty sweet stickers and buttons to give away.

RSVP please. We don’t want to freak out the establishment with our collective awesomeness.

When: Wed August 17 at 8:30PM.

Where: Pete’s Tavern (2ndish St and King)

Remember: RSVP

Mad Props: Joyent

But wait! I’m not 21! You should be ok. We’ve been told that they only card on home game days, which Aug 17 is not.

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