This is the 21st in series of posts leading up Node.js Knockout, and covers using Spreecast during to collaborate with your team and share with other participants around the world.

What is Spreecast?

Spreecast lets groups share video experiences in real time. With Spreecast, you can broadcast your live video to the world, pulling in viewers to share the experience when it suits you, and dismissing them when they’re done. It’s a fun format for sharing at event locations and an awesome new way for Node.js Knockout teams to coordinate their coding.

For Node.js Knockout you will be able to sign up and get exclusive early, pre-beta access to Spreecast and unlimited live video during the competition. Spreecast is pre-beta and working hard to squash bugs and tune user experience. We’d love to hear feedback on any bugs or issues that you encounter.

Getting Started

Here is the URL for node knockout: URL: Credentials for the basic auth prompt are on

Once you are on the site, login and create an account. To create a Spreecast click the green Spreecast Now button at the top of the page.

Spreecast home

When you are done with a Spreecast, click on the red “On Air” button. This ends the spreecast and brings you to a page where you can view the archive.

Sharing and Tagging

Be sure to tag your Spreecast with “nodeknockout”, so the Spreecast will show up in When you create a new Spreecast, click on “Add Details” to add tags before starting.

Spreecast tags


There’s a feedback link at the bottom of the page. We’d love to hear what you think.

Have fun Spreecasting!

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